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Audycja #153

Playlista audycji nr 153 z dnia 2014-09-23

Audycja #153

1. Lost for YouBlack Swan LaneA Moment of Happiness2014
2.SeeCigarette In Your BedDarkness2014
3.Teenage Is DeadCigarette In Your BedDarkness2014
4.Licking Blood ChuterAn Absence Of Weight2014
5.Just How Easy ChuterAn Absence Of Weight2014
6.AdelidaeI am planetSilene stenophylla2014
7.Purple Without All the RedPaul GilbertStone Pushing Uphill Man 2014
8.Born In ChainsLeonard CohenPopular Problems2014-09-23
9.You Got Me SingingLeonard CohenPopular Problems2014-09-23
10.Only With PresenceTides From NebulaLive Sessions2014
11.As One Listens to the Rain (lyrics by Octavio Paz)Lee-Leetsingle2014
12.Leave MeSolitude StateFull Time Dreamers2014
13.W nocy pełnia staje się pustkąJoanna Vorbrodtsingle2013
14.Seasons ChangeMarkéta IrglováMuna2014-09-23
15.Seven Year GlitchRumour CubesAppearances of Collections2014
16.War PrayerThis Will Destroy YouAnother Language2014
17.Dude IncredibleShellacDude Incredible2014
18.2112 Overture
2112 The Temples of Syrinx
2112 Discovery
2112 Presentation
2112 Soliloquy
2112 Grand Finale
RushSpirit of the Airwaves: Live in St Louis 1980
19.Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadPaul GilbertStone Pushing Uphill Man2014
Playlista audycji 2014-09-23

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