Audycja #119

Playlista audycji numer 119 z dnia 2014-01-14

1. 1.16 w nocyJoanna VorbrodtNie ma przypadków2013
2.Bunker of Bare LifeSey HolloKombinat2013
3. RiderArboreaFortress of the Sun2013
4. We Real CoolNick Cave and The Bad SeedsPush the Sky Away2013
5.On The Edge Of HopeThe FortressOn The Edge Of Hope2013
6.Lay Myself DownMazzy StarSeasons of Your Day2013
7.PintaoMonkey3The 5th Sun2013
8.One Of These NightsOur Ceasing VoiceThat Day Last November2013
9.The LabyrinthClive NolanAlchemy2013
10.Into The BlackSamsara Blues ExperimentLive at Rockpalast2013
11.You AreThe Ember DaysMore Than You Think2013
12.Kveikur (live)Sigur RósiTunes Festival London 20132013
13.psycho whisperBeyond The Event HorizonEvent Horizon2013
14.Energy From the SunlightServants Of SilenceTwo Billion Seconds2013
15.I To DryadFismollAt Glade2013
16.Let It Out, Let It Flow, Let It FlyTides From Nebula Eternal Movement2013
17.PhoenixSatyricon feat. Sivert HoyemSatyricon2013
18.Long Way From LoveAsaf AvidanAvidan In A Box2012
19.Hey Mary KreepsSpirit Clinic2013

Audycja #119

Playlista audycji 2014-01-14

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