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Audycja #170

Playlista audycji nr 170 z dnia 2015-01-20

Audycja #170

1. Leave It BehindRob FlemingChaising Light2015Rob Fleming Chaising Light
2.volcAno!heklAaSongs in F - the volcAno edition2013heklAa Songs in F - the volcAno
3.Marie's HairElephant MicaGlobe Rush Progressions2013Elephant Micah
4.Plummer and CurtnerI Was Given Feet To Follow YouI Love You, Forever2014I Was Given Feet To Follow You I Love You, Forever
5.The Gloomiest DayI Was Given Feet To Follow YouThe Gloomiest Day2015I Was Given Feet To Follow You The Gloomiest Day
6.SubversifKelab Baca Trio AngkasaSingle2011Kelab Baca Trio Angkasa
7.Ashes In The SnowMonoHoly Ground- NYC Live2010mono
8.Where Am IMonoHoly Ground- NYC Live2010mono
9.Evolution / Porto EditThe Cinematic OrchestraThe Cinematic Orchestra
10.HopeAurora BorealisAurora Borealis2007Aurora Borealis
11.Satisfied mindMy bubbaHow it’s done in Italy2010My bubba
12.Chasing LightRob FlemingChasing Light2015Rob Fleming Chaising Light
13.No Holy GhostT E MorrisLost2015T E Morris
14.We Were SinkingWicketWe Were Sinking2015Wicket
15.Everything You Can Imagine Is Real...Violet ColdEverything You Can Imagine Is Real...2015Violet Cold
16.GlowLights & MotionChronicle2015Lights & Motion Chronicle
17.There's A Place For Us Into The UnknownMonochrome SeasonsUnder The Crystal Tree (Part II)2015Monochrome Seasons 2
18.Xavier (Dead Can Dance cover)Woebegone Obscured2014Woebegone Obscured
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