Audycja #167

Playlista audycji nr 167 z dnia 2014-12-30

Audycja #167

Playlista audycji 30.12.2014
1. Rain On Your BackRyba and The WitchesRyba and The Witches2014Ryba and The Witches222
2.Black Rain Love (Unplugged)StarsaboutDecember 2014 Session2014starsabout
3.HeartMichal PydoProof of Concept2014Michal Pydo
4.Sounds Of The CityPymlicoGuiding Light2014Pymlico
6.FirelandAndrea SchroederWhere the Wild Oceans End2014andrea schroeder
7.ThingsMazzy StarI'm Less Here2014mazzy star
8.Get HomeAngus & Julia StoneAngus & Julia Stone2014angus & julia stone
9.Ride On SistersSivert HoyemEndless Love2014siverthoyem 2014
10.SkydiverMoonlit SailorWe Come From Exploding Stars2014Moonlit Sailor
11.Herbivorous Brittle HandsFrondibusLeafage2014FRONDIBUS
12.Part of Paper Moon Sonia Pisze PiosenkiPart of Paper Moon 2014sonia 3
14.Elysian CastlesMonoThe Last Dawn2014mono the last dawn
15.Another Story ToldThe Merlin BirdChapter and Verse2014The Merlin Bird
16.Witch HuntRushA Show Of Hand (LIVE)1988Rush - A Show Of Hand
17.NavigatorHer Name Is CallaNavigator2014Her Name Is Calla - Navigator
18.Don't Be ScaredAndrew BirdThings Are Really Great Here, Sort Of...2014andrew Bird
19.I am a piece of youheklAasingle2014heklaa 2
20.Above The Sky WidekOutside The Universe2014widek
21.DagmálSolstafirOtta2014Solstafir Otta
22Half AsleepLow Roar02014Low Roar - 0
23.Over My Head Asaf Avidansingle2014Asaf Avidan - Over My Head
24.A Stolen Kiss Robert PlantLullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar2014Robert Plant
25.Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation RemainsThis Patch Of SkyThis Patch Of Sky2014This Patch Of Sky ST
27.Seasons ChangeMarkéta IrglováMuna2014Markéta Irglová
28.Unrepentant GeraldinesTori AmosUnrepentant Geraldines2014 tori
29.AisthesisQualiaMelancholia2014 Qualia

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